Why visiting cards are great for marketing yourself and your company

Even in the digital age, visiting cards count. Yes, it is a proven fact that your sales shoot up by 2.5% for every 2000 cards passed out. This just proves that visiting cards can still play a major role in your business, especially for its marketing.

Reasons why visiting cards are great for marketing yourself and your company?

Visiting cards help you to market yourself and your company in the following ways

  1. Visiting cards are the face of your Business

Visiting cards are printed with the Company name and logo boldly embossed on them. They act as the face of the company. Visiting cards promote your company’s professional image in corporate circles. They establish your identity as the representative of the company by bearing your name and designation.

  1. Visiting cards generate awareness and recall.

Your visiting card is going to speak volumes of your Company even when you are not around and have let the card behind as a reminder of your visit. So, even in your absence, your visiting card will act as your representative. It kindles interest in you and your company. One look at the visiting card also generates instant recall. which is the key requirement in marketing to generate leads.

  1. Visiting cards have a personal touch.

For instant communication, you can use SMS or email. But nothing can replace that personal touch of a visiting card.  When you offer a business visiting card on meeting someone professionally, it is not only to introduce yourself but also a means of engaging the other person in a conversation and getting to know them personally. In spite of having numerous visitors every day, a person still remembers you only because of the personal touch of your notable visiting card. This personal touch can create brand loyalty that is much needed for marketing.

  1. Visiting cards generate great referrals

When a satisfied customer wants to refer you to another person, he uses your visiting card. Your visiting card is a ready reference for the contact details of your company and can be retained for further use. This is why your visiting card printing must be done with all details printed clearly and without errors. Only a thoroughly professional visiting card provider can help you get perfect results.

Referrals are one means of powerful influencer marketing and your visiting card is the weapon to help you achieve that.

  1. Visiting cards are your best promoters

Visiting cards create the first and best impressions about you and your company. They open doors to future business opportunities and contacts.

  1. Visiting cards are a must for events

Visiting cards are widely circulated in events in order to get more return calls from business prospects. Pamphlets and brochures may be distributed in plenty, but they often get dumped.  It is the compact visiting card which really finds its way into many pockets.

Tips for printing premium visiting cards

Print your cards in plenty to generate more leads through marketing. Let your visiting card printing be vivid, vibrant and colourful as coloured cards last 10 times longer than white ones. Take care to ensure that your visiting cards printing is impeccable and impressive. Design them with a striking and arresting design. Print them in premium material and ensure top quality by enlisting a professional provider for your visiting cards printing.

Your visiting cards are your best marketers. Vitalize your marketing by printing awesome and attractive visiting cards. Market more and profit more with your vibrant visiting cards.